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Happy Customers

AliBars are my go to bars for adventures. As an avid outdoors lady, whom spends a majority of my time snowboarding, climbing, mountain biking or river surfing, I tend to always be hungry. ;) When I have an AliBar packed I know I will have an abundance of proper nutrition to keep my energy going! The best part is they are absolutely clean which is extremely hard to find in the world of protein bars. Not to mention how tasty they are. Every flavor option she has is extremely well thought out and so, so good. If you are looking for a clean bar that will provide an abundance of energy for you, look no further

Jenny Sorenson ; Colorado

I cant say enough about AliBars. I was already a big consumer of store bought bars as a way of controlling my weight, but was never a big fan of the taste. I thought they tasted like plastic. Then I discovered AliBars. No comparison on taste - AliBars are super fresh and taste great. But they also keep me feeling full for much longer. I have 1-2 per day, and my weight has dropped about 20 lbs. Give them a try! They are so worth it.

Anthony Stitt ; Colorado

I discovered AliBars at my local farmers market in Golden, Colorado two years ago. I have eaten one almost every day since and I still can't get enough of them! As someone who cares deeply about the ingredients I put into my body, these homeade bars are an easy choice. They are the perfect on the go meal and the taste is truly life changing. I hesitantly give one out to friends and family, but anyone who has been lucky enough to try one is immediately hooked. Do yourself and your body a favor and try one!

Taylor Keen ; Colorado

I met Ali at the Farmers Market in Golden, Colorado. Since then I have been receiving monthly orders of protein bars and granola shipped to me. I am so happy to have found these products that are healthy, organic, handmade and most importantly delicious. I have even cut them in to pieces and served them with fresh berries as a dessert

Melody Hoffman ; Missouri

AliBars are the absolute best nutrition bar I have found. No added sugars, packed with protein and absolutely delicious are the reasons why my entire family loves them. Weather fueling my son during a day of snowboarding or serving as a quick meal in between teaching classes. AliBars do the trip. Our favorite is the Vanilla Almond bar which we think tastes like cookie dough!

Christy Greenblatt ; Colorado

AliBars are simply THE BEST protein bars ever! I have tried so many bars and they either have sugar, low protein, additives, an undesirable consistency, or all of the above. AliBars have none of those bad qualities and they are so delicious! I have eaten them for years and introduced them to many friends. My #1 flavor pick is Peanut Butter & Jelly, and my #2 is Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond or Dark Chocolate Salted Peanut.

Sandy Bilson ; California

I have never ever felt like there was a protein bar that was so good I could eat it for every meal if I had to. But I have found it!  AliBars are so delicious. I love every flavor I have tried, although my favorite is the Vanilla Almond Crunch. I look forward to eating at least one every day. They are amazing and healthy!
-Deena Green ; Colorado

Deena Green ; Colorado

AliBars are amazing! All Natural ingredients, high protein, very low sugar, and these are the only bars I have had that don’t bother my stomach. AliBars are a great on the go protein snack. I take them everywhere with me!

Cathy Henson ; Colorado

I'm so happy I finally found a healthy, vegan, GF protein bar that is actually delicious!! I had been struggling for a while. Love these AliBars!!

Dani Arévalo ; Colorado / Peru